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Can spring be far behind?

July 27, 2008

A few weeks ago, on Wardell Road in Marrickville/Dulwich Hill.

This Sunday afternoon D and I went for a walk on the Burwood Heights side of Croydon.  I had seen this tree a few weeks ago in its prime; by today it was past its best.

The picture itself isn’t flattering.  Unfortunately, this angle is if anything less prepossessing.

It looks to me as though a bunch of speculative builders must have made a fortune building Croydon shopping centre presumably at around the time that the PO was built (1913), though the buildings’ appearance suggests a little later than that.  The garage (out of view to the left in the picture below) is probably newer.

Other visions of Croydon vernacular:

The box on the ground in the front rather spoils something that is really quite immaculate.  The variegated coloured tiles are repeated on the roof.

It is hard to overlook the statement in pink in this feature balcony above a feature window:

As you head south-west towards “Burwood Heights,” things get decidedly posh.  The Appian Way has possibly Sydney’s only London-style private park:

We walked as far as Burwood Road, and then looped back towards Croydon.  

This place oddly made me think of  Rockwell’s “American Gothic”:

This hitherto unknown to me vehicle caught my eye:

and again:


Apparently this is a Vanden Plas Princess, based on the Austin Princess, from circa 1963-1965.

And finally, from closer to our starting point in Croydon: