Don’t fence me in!


This was the railing  on the bridge over the Cooks River at Canterbury, apparently known as Prout’s Bridge.

That link describes it as follows:

The railing is of steel pipe with plastic coated wire mesh infill, and two lamp standards have been retrofitted to the bridge.

That has been overtaken by events.

Another patch of the railing on the other side of the road featured in an earlier post when a motorist managed to drive through it into the river. Apparently he emerged unscathed, which is more than can be said for the fence and the car.


car off canterbury bridge

The car was eventually fished out about 4 months later.

Another five months or so after that, the railing was fixed.

But no, it couldn’t be just fixed. Instead the railings on both sides had to be replaced by an acceptable standard of bridge-jumper-resistant barrier. (The water is about a meter deep plus or minus the tide; the bridge perhaps 3 meters above the water.)

This is what we got.


The picture doesn’t really capture it other than by reference to the other pictures, but the upper rail on the new fence is at about (my) head height.

Gone is the cheerful view over the river, albeit one principally featuring plastic bags and drink containers drifting up and down with the tide. Gone is any proportionate link with the 1940s concrete balustrade at the end.

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