Is it over?


This morning, at the eleventh hour, to commemorate the occasion at Marrickville war memorial.

Sydney sprummer blossoms, jasmine, gums and kunzea, perfumed the air.

Inside the hall there was a some kind of convention of Rubik’s cubers.


On the hour, a bell tolled from the church diagonally opposite.


The mother of a couple leaving the convention touched her children on the shoulder to stand still.

There were four or five others there who must have had the same idea that I had.

Across the road someone continued a loud conversation on his mobile phone oblivious of the moment.

Just after any notional silence had probably run its course, a few uniformed personnel wandered down from the nearby fire brigade and stood silently in front of the memorial for a minute or so.

In the laneway next to the former Marrickville hospital, now being turned into apartments, a lucky cat nodded below the rear view mirror of a parked car. I watched a peewit/magpie lark repeatedly attack its own reflection in that car and three others.

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