An idle thought

There’s a house on a corner on a route D and I often take through a neighbouring suburb if we are heading west.

D came home from driving that way one day in the first week of September and told me that the house was surrounded by police.  The evening news reported that a woman, in her 70s, had been found dead, and a man, a bit older, had been arrested.  He has since been charged with murder.

It’s a lovely house on a lovely street.  It still looks pretty spick and span.  A light burns even in daylight hours above the front door.

And the letter box bulges with mail, possibly including some from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The thought has occurred to me.


3 Responses to “An idle thought”

  1. lamaliminalbeing Says:

    Do it.

    It is a crime scene, so suggest a George Christensen mask just in case.

  2. Andrew Says:

    The dying with dignity legislation has yet to approved by our upper parliamentary house. Maybe I have the wrong angle here and a crime has been committed.

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