Dad jokes

I buried my father almost two months ago now.

Actually that’s not strictly true.  I committed his body to the furnace and the ashes still await their final disposition.

I am the only son and executor.  At the preparatory ceremony I gave the eulogy.  Here are two Dad jokes I didn’t include.

Our father was keen to moderate our enthusiasm for Halva. He told us that it was made by an old man chewing up sesame seeds and honey and then spitting them out.

I don’t remember believing him.  I expect more practical measures such as physically securing the Halva had to be adopted.

Some years earlier, when I was 6 or 7, I developed an unseemly habit of fidgeting with my private parts.

My father told me that Prince Philip always walked around with his hands behind his back in order to control such temptations.

I don’t think I really believed that either, but I got the message and learnt to desist – at least in company.



One Response to “Dad jokes”

  1. Not happy Says:

    Sorry to hear this, sending you my condolences

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