Problem gambler

On Tuesday we moved – from Ashfield to Canterbury.   It’s a move down in the world.  Well, about 3km south anyway.

On Wednesday we were back at the old house, cleaning up, and retrieving the last few objects which had to be cleared from it, one way or another.  The bins were full, so everything came with us.

That included an old milk-crate, once used to store LPs (newer crates were not quite the right size), which, on unloading at the new house, I found to contain a collection of Grolsch swing-top bottles, doubtless moved in similar circumstances from the house before last.

Must do something about that.  Not yet though, because the bins at the new house are full with the previous occupants’ detritus.

A friend visited us at the new house.  We had a hot shower (the new house lacks a bath) to salve our aching muscles.

All of a sudden it was almost 10pm.  I needed wanted a drink, but there was nothing to drink in the house other than one bottle, put away for a better day than this.

In NSW you cannot now buy alcohol to take away after 10pm.

I would like to claim that the stress of moving had driven me back to the weed  but that would not really be true.

You can’t normally smoke in pubs these days, but you can in their gambling areas.

Which is why I found myself in the gambling zone of the Canterbury Club Hotel as I called my sister in WA.

It’s open until 4am.

2 Responses to “Problem gambler”

  1. Andrew Says:

    A move from Hashfield to Canterbury is surely social climbing. I thought all accommodation in Australia was non smoking but our rich 40 year old Malaysian friend manages to find places where he can smoke in his room including new and quite expensive hotels. Quite surprising. Many would suggest it would be better if went out and murdered someone than smoke in a hotel room.

    • marcellous Says:

      Andrew, that’s kind of you but if you lived in Sydney you wouldn’t say that.

      Ashfield is closer to the city on a better railway line with a limited-stops service. It’s going back up in the world these days though parts of it never really went down.

      Whilst both suburbs were hit hard by 1960s flat building (Ashfield also has art-deco flats), the remnant single dwellings in Ashfield are decidedly classier than those in Canterbury.

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