Darlington ambience

I am having a modern music weekend.

Last night to the SOH for an evening with the crypto-Petainist and mad Catholic – France’s musical answer to TS Eliot in some ways – [the late] Olivier Messiaen and his From the Canyons to the Stars.

This afternoon to the SSO’s sortie to Carriageworks  in a well attended and received concert of which, as with the Messiaen, maybe more later.

But what is it with Darlington and toilets?

I’ve always thought that the Seymour Centre had some of the grooviest toilets amongst Sydney performing venues. They are a period piece.  They may not rival the serried porcelain of the Barbican Centre main urinal. but they do speak of their time.

Carriageworks almost surpass them.


Sure they’re new or newish. I guess time will tell whether they can stand up to the Seymour Centre’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of those so you’ll have to take my word for it. Meanwhile, another shot with my trusty mobile phone (or, as it is Chinese, Shouji 手机 – which more accurately corresponds to the Continental “Handy.”)


Tomorrow, Vingt Regards at Angel Place.  They are to be performed with an interval, though the facilities, possibly Sydney’s pokiest, scarcely call for one.

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