No-dig No Garden


Two or three springs ago, whilst D was away in China, I put down a no-dig garden in the back yard of our (rented) house.  My dream was to grow tomatoes. That’s it on the right of the picture above.

We had one reasonable crop though in the end disease emerged.  A bigger problem was the location.

When we moved in, the remains of a previous garden bed were detectible.  I thought I would keep that former bed and gain another.  But there was a reason for the location of the original bed as compared to the spot I chose: namely that a mulberry tree (out of shot, to the right) cast shade in the afternoon.

On his return from China and since, D has from time to time reproached me for my folly.  Recently, he has been proposing shifting the garden bed (it has quite a lot of improved soil entirely disproportionate in expense to the monetary value of any crop we have harvested) to the sunnier situation.

Pictured above is the point D had got to on Tuesday when I came home and told him to stop.

I had just retrieved from the letter-box an envelope with the insignia of our landlord’s real-estate agent.  At their most benign, such envelopes bring bills for water usage or notice of an impending inspection.

Tuesday’s envelope contained a 90-day notice to quit.



2 Responses to “No-dig No Garden”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Not much more than to say, bugger.

  2. Neil Says:

    Oh dear!

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