Night at the opera

Barber Largo

On Saturday night to the opera for the second time this year, to The Barber of Seville.

Something funny happened with a clarinet entry in Figaro’s first big aria.  Just saying – to show I was paying attention.

As I went in, the usher welcomed me.  “It’s good to see the old patrons,” she said, and swiftly corrected herself, “the regular patrons.”

Indeed there was a noticeable scarcity of regulars at both Barber and Pearlfishers the week before.

For Barber this was understandable – it is the umpteenth revival of a venerable production, but Pearlfishers is a new production and it is unlikely that many regulars/oldies were seduced by the medley of arias making up the Opera in the Domain which was also on that night.

The foyer was jazzed up with various bright lights and social media razamatazz. Twin fake palm trees provide a backdrop in front of which you are invited to broadcast your attendance at “Opera Sydney-style.”  I suppose this is Lyndon Terracini’s pursuit of the “big night out” crowd.

In the meantime, it looks as though his hated opera snobs are staying or drifting away.  I don’t think it can just be put down to their dying off.




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  1. Eliz Says:

    Starving …

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