Ibis rampant


At the site of the former Burwood Brickworks, behind Burwood Girls’ High School, Burwood Council has been (very slowly) labouring to create a “wetlands” precinct in what is now named “Wangal Park.”

The general inspiration for this sort of thing seems to be Sydney Park, built in much larger former brick pits at St Peters.

When D and I went there on Sunday night just after the official closing time, we were the only visitors. There was not even a dog-walker, despite this (rather confusing) sign:


The park itself suffers at this stage from a dearth of trees or undergrowth.  The (mostly) good councillors have kept the example of Sydney Park’s urban forest in mind in limiting opening hours to 7am to 7pm.  In that case it should be possible to allow for some shrubbery without scandal.

Aside from some corellas on the adjacent playing fields (attached in some way to the High School) the only bird we spotted which was not an ibis was a solitary heron – in the foreground shade in the pictures below.



There is still a way to go before the artist’s impression will be realised:


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