Man against beast


To be precise, against birds and bats.  Do birds count as beasts?  Whichever, there is no room for a compromise: both will take the figs as they ripen before we want to pick them, and there’s no reasoning with them (or between them, I suppose) for any division of the crop.

I couldn’t have done this: it required D’s ingenuity and perseverance. I held the ladder perilous and pegged out a few guy-ropes with tent pegs from a tent my aunt gave me 15 years ago (which we have never used).  OK, I offered some gratuitous opinions from the foot of the ladder, mostly about the need to keep the net taut and well clear of the foliage.  That’s a work in progress for the portion of the net in the top right quadrant of the picture above.

Another view from the other side with fine prospect of overlooking block of flats:


Compare 27 November 2013:


There were more dramas with interlopers last season.  In response D pruned the trees considerably to make netting more manageable and effective.

This is not the first time I have mentioned that D is from China.  A closer view of the ladder he has extended:


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