Variations on a theme


The Wollogorang Road runs between the Hume Highway and the Federal Highway.  This picture is taken from the crest at the Hume Highway end, looking back the way I’d come from the Federal Highway.  Afterwards I headed back the way I’d come.

Maps show a blue patch for water to the left of this road but it is really just a depression which might sometimes fill with water – a very mini Lake George.

I stopped here to take a break from the ribbon of death between Sydney and Canberra. If possible, I like to get away from the noise of the highway.

Just before I turned off, the announcer on ABC “Classic” FM mentioned that Berlioz’s Damnation of Faust opened that night in Paris.

My friend, Ub, is in Paris just now.  When I reached Canberra I sent Ub an email suggesting that, if possible, she should go to the Berlioz.  I also sent Ub some of the pictures in this post.

Ub told me the cheapest seats for DofF are 150 Euros; she’s not sure if she will be able to get to it.

Ub also said she thought the pictures were sad.  I hadn’t thought of them that way.  Maybe from bustling Paris they seem so.






One Response to “Variations on a theme”

  1. Elizabeth GW Says:

    The comment about the photos as being sad is interesting. I once saw two photos in a magazine, one called ‘happiness’ with city lights and one called ‘loneliness’ showing a curtain blowing out a window through which you could see a country scene much like your photos. Happiness for me was the second photo and loneliness was the first. It’s all context – I grew up in the country.

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