wb = welcome back in ye olde IRC-chatroom-speak.

D returned from China last Monday after five months away.

About a week before his return I noticed that the above row of little plants had languished unwatered on his bedroom window ledge.  Too late to do anything by then other than to take this picture – the odd perspective driven by a desire to avoid my own reflection.  Even the prickly pear cutting was suffering:


The non-watering of indoor plants is probably the least of my domestic inadequacies. That is not to say that I did not engage in a degree of last-minute cleaning and tidying in the week or so before D’s return, but there is a gulf between our standards and after 5 months my solitary squalor (extreme historical example here (1) (2)) had become pretty deeply entrenched.

The last straw for D came when he decided I had put away or misplaced the power cord to the rice cooker.  I was nonplussed.  Why would I have done that?  Where could it be?  My  professed innocence and fruitless search only made things worse.  As I’ve said, this was the last straw: it wasn’t just about the rice cooker.

Eventually I looked behind the rice cooker.

The power cord (unlike those on some brands and probably the one D had been using in Shanghai) was not detachable and had been there all along.

What a relief, and a largely undeserved reprieve (for the time being) for me.



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  1. Andrew Says:

    IRC, oh the memories

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