It’s my party


– and I’ll die if I want to.

A cheap riff on a popular song. More accurately, I believe people should be able to die when they want to, if they want to.

Mostly people don’t end up making that choice: by the time the question arises they have generally lost the capacity to exercise it, and whilst they still have the capacity they tend not to want to. But for many it is comforting to think that they could. The problem is knowing how to bring their lives to an end in a manner which is not too traumatic – most of all, not too traumatic for themselves. That is perhaps selfish but after all we will all be found dead by somebody eventually.

The Medical Board of Australia has imposed “strict conditions” on the medical registration of Dr Phillip Nitschke. There are specific conditions preventing Nitschke from providing any information about obtaining nembutal and requiring that he not “recommend, sell, deliver or otherwise make available to members of the public cylinders containing nitrogen or any other gas.”

Nitschke consented to the conditions. According to his wife, he faced legal costs of $1 million for a contested hearing.

He may now concentrate on his career as a comedian.

2 Responses to “It’s my party”

  1. wanderer Says:

    I’m missing something here, especially mystified by the last sentence. I’ve heard him speak and had a brief conversation with him – a fascinating man at the end of the spectrum.

    • marcellous Says:

      It’s what his wife said. Nitschke did a show at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. He was spoken to a bit by police but apparently the show was able to go ahead. I can’t be bothered with the link but it is presumably originally in the Guardian because “Guardian Australia has been told Nitschke will now turn his attention to a career in comedy, off the back of the success of his show about euthanasia at Edinburgh fringe in August.”

      I agree that if he were really to turn his attention to comedy then there would be no need to keep his medical ticket but I suppose nobody likes to give up their day job absolutely, do they? – Even though in other reports it appears that Nitschke hasn’t really practised as a doctor for some time.

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