Keats was gay, OK?



Spring is definitely here, or, if you like, we are coming to the end of Sprinter. Sprummer seems not far away.

I heard the first koel yesterday.

In my neighbours’ garden, the particularly noisy cicada or cricket which last year led both my neighbours and D and I to suspect the other of running some noisy kind of garden equipment has started its around-sunset refrain.

The koi in our backyard pond are shaking off their winter torpor.

Inside, the heater is unplugged and will be put away when I get around to it.

Meanwhile, the tawny frogmouth in the park opposite my home continues its nightly call. It perches in the same spot or very nearly every night. Bats feed on the blossom in the canopy, pictured above.

It’s hard to work out how the tawny frogmouth can keep up this constant calling and also get what it needs to eat. And what function does the call perform? I have assumed that it might be to attract a mate. The habitat for tawny frogmouths is so dispersed, as the next picture of that tree rather pathetically demonstrates, that the chances seem slim.


I don’t think there is more than one tawny frogmouth around.

In the spirit of the infamous twitter handle, “Abbott loves anal” (Was this a dig at his alleged statement to Tony Windsor in 2010 that he would do everything except sell his arse to get into power? If so that suggests he doesn’t like it, at least as a recipient.) my mind has turned to Keats and his own night bird. After all, Keats did say of the eternally singing nightingale:

“Still wouldst thou sing, and I have ears in vain— To thy high requiem become a sod.”

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