Keeping up

[This is a long gestated and more like still-born post which I should probably now retitle “Falling behind.”]

Blogs are a curious mix of narcissism and exhibitionism. Not, as if that were a saving virtue, that my own exhibitionism is actually read by very many people. This is one of those posts which is much for my own future reference as for anybody else’s edification.

I have been to hear Yuja Wang (should really according to Pinyin be Yujia) twice – once in recital at Angel Place for the SSO on Monday 13/7 and then on Saturday 18/7 playing the Brahms second concerto with the SSO. The SSO, conducted by Lionel Bringeur, also played a[n?] homage to Beethoven by the all-of-a-sudden-the-rage-in-Oz German composer Widmann which I liked a lot and Dvořák’s Symphony No 8. It is a very agreeable work. There is a sense in which Dvořák, I feel, is a bit like Schubert in making his own stylistic contribution but at the same time sitting very easily for the listener within what had come just before him- if you like, a received style.

I backed up to the SOH on Sunday 19/7 for the Australian Youth Orchestra conducted by Mark Elder playing Debussy’s La Mer and Mahler’s 6th symphony. Mahler better than Debussy which as predicted by Elder in pre-publicity, was harder for them to get a grasp on. (Well the point is partly that it shouldn’t be a grasp.)

Then on Monday 20/7 I went to hear the Omega Ensemble at Angel Place. Because I was given a ticket for that I feel I should give them a post to themselves. [27/8: still unwritten.]

On Thursday 23/7 I went to hear a jazz piano trio (different instrumentation to the classical type of piano trio) playing in the old Sydney City Mission in Glebe. It’s a great venue with a good piano which I hadn’t been to before. This was part of a regular series of jazz gigs which are run on a candle-lit BYO (food and drink) basis with a modest cover charge.  Looking at the venue hire it is obviously something the promoters must do for the love rather than the money. That was a bit of an impulse thing because CC, the pianist, is somebody I knew many years ago. Just a day before some kind of internet wandering alerted me to both his presence in Sydney (he has been away for many of the intervening years since our first acquaintance) and the gig.

Tonight [ie 24/7] to the SSO again (Trpceski Tchaick 1; Rach 1 – reviews are promising and I have good memories of Trpceski’s last visit) and then tomorrow for my second performance this time round of Don Carlos. [At least I managed to post on that.] Last time Trpceski was here he was greeted by a large Macedonian turnout. [Postscript: not quite so marked this time though still evident.]


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