Self portrait with stationery


Patriotism does not greatly attract me. That is not to say that I am any more free than anyone else of an attachment to where I was born or where I live, but the clamour of the nation state holds less appeal.

I have observed Australia Day as it originally appeared to me at the time I was first able to notice such things: the last day before school – a kind of delayed end of the old year.

It’s just over 2 years now since I moved to my present house. I still believe the previous house was nicer, and perhaps it was.

Meanwhile, I decided today to sort through the above oddments which, as part of my last move, I gathered up from one of my desk drawers. So far (ie, since the picture was taken) I have managed to throw out the pens which didn’t work.

There is at least one object there the nature and use of which (even if ever so slight) remains a mystery to me.

6 Responses to “Self portrait with stationery”

  1. wanderer Says:

    Would it be yellow?

    I am reminded of the childhood party game where memorising the most objects on a briefly revealed tray garnered a prize the nature of which eludes me suggesting I didn’t ever win.

    • marcellous Says:

      W, Yellow is for post-its and a foam earplug. Were you thinking of something else?

      The mystery (to me) object doesn’t come out very well in the picture but is the brass/metallic thing third to the right of the Nurofen gel tube cap.

  2. wanderer Says:

    Ear plug was what I was looking at.

    You got me unless it’s the thing that looks like a curtain rod holder.

  3. Victor Says:

    I opened this post immediately following a clean up of my refrigerator. It is startling what you find in the recesses of that cabinet!

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