Sprummer in Sydney


Seen from the front yard of my (rented) house in Ashfield.

5 Responses to “Sprummer in Sydney”

  1. Andrew Says:

    The foreground tree looks large and that is what my eyes focused on, but the tree behind is very big.

    • marcellous Says:

      Andrew, it’s quite a small tree as to its height though as you can see its trunk is pretty solid. There are a few larger trees in the park including one I have mentioned before on this blog (not in this picture) which has a number desirable hollows, one of which has been the subject of frequent dispute going well into the night between a pair of cockatoos and a possum.

  2. wanderer Says:

    Ashfield? Renting or leasing? Either or, I do love a flowering gum which it looks like if if isn’t. Nearly the longest day. Happy long days .

  3. wanderer Says:

    Just did the magnification trick. It’s a thing of great beauty. Look at that mass of flowers not to mention the fabulous trunk / bark. Honey scented?

    • marcellous Says:

      I can’t remember any particular scent – flowers up a bit high to tell. Flowers are over now. The picture is from a couple of weeks ago when the flowers caught the late afternoon sun.

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