Night music

On Saturday night to the to SOH see/hear the SSO conducted by Jonathan Nott.

The second half was Mahler 7. There was some pretty flash playing though my generalised recollection is that I have heard the quieter moments played with more charm or enchantment than on this occasion. I’m maddened to find that, because I am not a critic, I did not make a note of the last outing, conducted by Ashkenazy, which I most definitely caught in March 2011. Hence this minimalist note.

Prompted by a morning SMS, I caught up with Db, a student when I was a school teacher and subsequently a neighbour and friend. Db had changed his regular Wednesday ticket. On Wednesday he was at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, which is just two stops up the Pindar Road from the sheep station where my father spent his childhood. It’s a small world.

In the first half David Drury played the Poulenc organ concerto. I enjoyed this though sometimes I thought Drury could have put a bit of a sock in it so we could hear more of the orchestral details. It is always maddening to see players doing things which you cannot hear.

I don’t blame DD: Mr Nott was the one who should have told DD to tone things down – after all, it’s not as if DD could judge the balance.

Db, who, like me, knows DD from our involvement (at different times) in music at S James King Street, doubted whether it would ever be possible to tell DD to tone things down. He was joking, I think.

One Response to “Night music”

  1. wanderer Says:

    Agree about Mr Organ, but it was good.

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