Cutting back

I received a call yesterday from Opera Australia.  I knew what it was about: I had not yet renewed my subscription for 2015.

My subscription series did not include La Boheme (which I have seen in two recent seasons in quick succession) or the abridged-for-children Magic Flute, but it did include productions of Butterfly, Turandot and La Traviata, all of which I have seen numerous times before, and Tosca, seen only last year though at least it was new then.

It also included Anything Goes. That is described in the brochure as a new Australian production though it seems the set at least will be a “refurbished” old New Zealand one. I would be happy to go if OA could nominate some dates when Alan Jones will not appear.

It’s not that I make the mistake of thinking that operas are only to be seen once.

I haven’t yet tired of Moshinsky’s production of La Traviata even though I must have seen it five times in the last 10 years or so and probably a couple of times before that in the 90s.  Otherwise, only Faust and Marriage of Figaro are new and the only other real attraction for me is the revival (after a long break) of Don Carlo[s].

Prices have taken another substantial leap (about 20%). A hefty premium has been put on Don Carlos.  That’s a sign of the further breakdown of the set series subscription model which will only reinforce itself.  It matters little whether one thinks of that as a virtuous or a vicious circle/cycle because I expect what it really reflects is that OA can no longer require people to subscribe to be sure of a decent seat so that the idea of operas across a series cross-subsidising each other is going to disappear over time.

D had been counselling retrenchment on the operatic front, so I took him at his word.

I have only renewed a full series for one seat and taken a mini-subscription for D. I shall probably exchange all three Puccini operas and use one to top up D’s series and the others to see Faust and Don Carlo[s] more than once.





3 Responses to “Cutting back”

  1. Liz Nielsen Says:

    But you will book for Gluck’s Iphigenie en Tauride with Pinchgut won’t you? Liz

  2. marcellous Says:

    Just a small correction: 2015 prices for me went up over 25% (eg: normal ticket from $140 to $176).

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