A little life

Cat in a pot

Cat in box




5 Responses to “A little life”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Very handsome. There are many reasons to note why expensive cat toys are not necessary.

    • marcellous Says:

      Thanks, Andrew. Sadly, his little life came to an end on Mon at 4.06pm.

      The last picture is probably the last good portrait, taken a week or so earlier. You can see he had greyed at the muzzle. He was 17 and a bit.

      There may be some more grieving/remembering posts to come.

  2. wanderer Says:

    Perhaps buy a kitten for some spirit healing?

    • marcellous Says:

      So far D declares against that – a position first announced as we took the cat to the vet when first discovered covered in blood on our return home on Friday night. D had one previous that was run over 20 years ago (before he met me) and he hasn’t really got over that. I got the cat by accident from a man I met in a bar and for all sorts of reasons have always thought that I would not get another once he left us, which has been on the cards as impending for the past year or so really. My only previous pet was a cat which was seduced from across the road when I was 22 and died of a furball owing to my ignorance (I thought he must be eating elsewhere) and neglect when I was 23.

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