Beethoven finds his (concerto) mojo

Last night to the first of three concerts with the SSO and Emmanuel Ax. Ax is playing all 5 of Beethoven’s piano concerti.

First up (after some Hindemith) was the so-called number 2 – published second but written first.

It is always hard to tell at a concert how much of your reaction is because of the state you are in yourself. It was only really in the second movement of the concerto that it began to really reach out of me with something that felt like the real Beethoven poetry, though the last movement is familiar and with its off-beat accents is obviously Ludwig van B.

At interval I had a sandwich and glass of wine. I wandered back into the hall.

Then the second concerto started – ie No 1.

This was the real McCoy unless it was all down to the intervening alcohol.

For the time being you can judge for yourself, because the live streaming is still up to view. For myself the leap between the first and second concerti (especially the first movements) is clear.

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