What’s with the handcuffs?

News recently in:

Police have arrested disgraced ex-detective Roger Rogerson at his home in Sydney’s south-west, over the alleged murder of Sydney student Jamie Gao.

Shortly before 11am, about 10 officers arrived at the premises and went inside.

A short time later, he was escorted from the Padstow Heights home in handcuffs.

Rogerson’s solicitor is quoted as saying that “arrangements had been made” for Rogerson to hand himself in at noon at Surry Hills Police Centre. That migrht mean no more than that he had told the police that was what Rogerson would do, but it’s not as if Rogerson’s house hadn’t already been searched so there can have been little to lose in waiting for this to happen before deploying such substantial police resources.

Rogerson is far from being my favourite person, but what was the point of all this? Is it really necessary to handcuff every arrested person? I think we are seeing an Americanisation of law enforcement practices: life imitates art – if you can call those reality police programs that. It would be a shame if the (amongst other things, highly prejudicial) “Perp walk” were to become the norm in Australia.

One Response to “What’s with the handcuffs?”

  1. Victor Says:

    Interesting how television cameras are so often on hand to record these high profile police actions.

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