Signs of the times (2)



Our new car doesn’t have an ash tray.


Searching at the supermarket the other day for bars of soap, I could scarcely spot them amidst the shelves of shower gell and liquid soap.


The weather has taken a nippy turn.  Last winter in a retro and frugal mood (our house in Ashfield is electricity-only and so expensive to heat) I bought a hot water bottle.

As a heat-seeking child  I resented the covers on ours. I finally learnt their rationale after a winter’s night in the (unheated) lumber room in Shanghai sleeping up next to an uncovered and not even particularly hot hwb when I awoke with two enormous blisters on the back of my calves.  In fact you can get closer to a covered hwb when it is hot and it will keep its heat through the night better.

D has knitted a cover for me using yarn of his own devising.


3 Responses to “Signs of the times (2)”

  1. Victor Says:

    It is difficult to find single bars of soap in supermarkets as nowadays they tend to sell them in multiple blocks.

    • marcellous Says:


      I found a single bar of something out of the ordinary (a tar soap) and a multiple pack of something more generic, but the range of brands of yore seemed pretty well supplanted by the liquid options.

  2. wanderer Says:

    Even Pears comes in packs of three these days.

    I’ve been meaning to say dogs are much more useful than bottles (one dog night; two dog night etc), come with their own covers and stay warm all night (conditions apply, don’t they always!).

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