Bonus time

unorthodox church

After 10 (it felt like 10 – maybe only 8 or 9) carless weeks, I finally bought one. I could have managed without for longer, but the pressure from D was mounting: he will not ride a bicycle.

This meant we could leave town for the ANZAC weekend. We went up to Merriwa (via Broke) on the first night, and spent the second night outside Bylong. The above is a little bit of what probably counts as bush humour at a decommissioned church.

On the way back we looked into the Widden Valley – the name sounds like nursery talk to me. There is some serious private wealth there associated with horses. We came home via the Putty Road.

Whilst we were away, I turned 54. The next day I reached the age when my mother died. I have now outlived her.

My elder sister and I agree that we count time after this as a bonus.

One Response to “Bonus time”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I am getting very close to the age my father died. It provokes thoughts.

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