I have not been riding my bike so often recently, for various reasons.  I quite often take the train home and that is quite often late in the evening.

On Friday night, I caught a train from Wynyard just after 11pm.  I was reading something as I got up from one of the few seats at the rear end of the platform and only realised that the last carriage, which I was headed for, was locked with the lights off when a fellow passenger pointed that out.  I went to the second last carriage.

There we were greeted by two rather truculent policemen who, without any explanation, ordered us to move to the next carriage, the third from the end.

The explanation came from the announcement by the guard over the PA: “This train has been nightsafed.”

As far as I can see, what that means is that they reduce the number of carriages so that, as the train continues its route to the outer suburbs, it is easier for the police to patrol.

How much difference does 6 make to 8 carriages?

Aside from the unwelcome presence of grumpy and bossy police, what it meant for us (those of us going to the relatively closer stations) was that the 6 carriages instead of 8 were uncomfortably crowded and seemed rowdier than usual as a result.

One Response to “Nightsafed!”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Interesting. Closing off carriages and running three car trains has stopped in Melbourne, so far as I know. This was because of overcrowding. While I am sure there are often passenger counters around in peak time, the train company will rely on the level of complaints from staff, who are notorious for avoiding paperwork, and passengers about train overcrowding at night, so make a complaint

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