Refused classification: Children’s Island

This film has been refused classification by the Classification Review Board on the application (bizarrely) of the Australian Federal Police as a “person aggrieved” by a previous decision (also on the AFP’s application) to classify the film R18.

It’s not so bizarre really. My guess is that the police have found it in the possession of somebody whom they want to prosecute for other offences. The film, made almost 35 years ago in Sweden, is incredibly obscure. It features a rather nice looking boy (hey- he’s in a film!) aged about 11, who instead of going off to summer camp where he has been sent by his (single) mother, sets off on his own adventures in the adult world. It’s summer so he has his shirt off quite a bit. You can well imagine that somebody who is keen on nice looking young boys might have obtained or kept a copy of the film for the sake of this attractive child.

If so, that is a good example of a thought crime: it’s an act that is bad because of the imputed motivation of the accused rather than in itself.

The review board identifies the bit which has caused it to refuse classification as being at 1.08 where, they say, there is a close up of the boy’s erect penis.

Now that the Review Board has made this decision, we have to take their word for it that the film is unclassifiably obscene. Quite honestly, I’m not sure about the position if you decide to watch it on the internet. It might depend on what kind of a person the police think you are.

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