At Weida in the Vogtland.

3 Responses to “Injoy!”

  1. wanderer Says:

    An interesting contrast at 9 o’clock.

    Was this your Aust Day post – in joyful strains …

  2. Victor Says:

    The building on the right appears to be damaged and abandoned.

  3. marcellous Says:


    If you look again you will see that all 3 older buildings surrounding the “Injoy” building are in decay. The gable-roofed reddish building on the left was also a bit broken down though you cannot see that so clearly from this picture (there were signs of renovation works just out of the frame on the left).

    Weida is in the bottom left hand corner of the former East Germany. The former EG (die ehemalige DDR) is full of such abandoned and decaying factories.

    For me they are kind of modern equivalent to Gothick ruins or “bare ruined choirs” – oddly romantic in their post-industrial desolation. Of course the abandonment of old buildings and especially old industrial infrastructure is not unique to the former East Germany and is a common “rust-belt” phenomenont. I guess it is the political reasons for this which for me add a certain piquancy.

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