London in December 2

parking note

I was in the car with my sister when she parked round the corner from her N19 flat. There was something odd about the two women in the car facing us: what were they waiting for?

This note was found on the car the next morning.

Now I know. It cannot have been anyone else.

5 Responses to “London in December 2”

  1. Screen name Says:

    And Merry Christmas M from down here where there is also very little parking space, too, as well.

    • marcellous Says:

      Thanks, W, and to you and K too. It is the note rather than the sentiment which struck me as remarkable, not to mention the passive-aggressive “Merry Christmas” at the end. Do people write little notes like that in your street?

      • Screen name Says:

        Well, now that you ask, I thought your note quite restrained having, immediately prior to reading it, just been told by someone who had blocked our driveway for the umpteenth millionth zillionth time to ‘shut my f*kn face’. Consider yourself lucky your aggression was passive.

        How was Parsifal?

      • marcellous Says:

        Maybe more on Parsifal later. Slightly weird production: I notice your chum, David, didn’t like it. He took exception to the companionship of the grail being just a bit weird. That didn’t worry me so much since the religious stuff is all tosh so far as I’m concerned. Orchestral sound bouncing off the side walls into the stalls in a kind of surround sound.

  2. wanderer Says:

    Just noticed I posted without logging in, but then you knew, didn’t you. Happy Days. Do tell something about Parsifal. There’s big names in that thar cast.

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