Bounced again

In Bounced!, I referred to Mr Sleeman, who was barred from entering Palms on Oxford. The doorman said Mr Sleeman was drunk; Mr Sleeman said the real reason he wasn’t let in was because he was too old. Mr Sleeman said he was not drunk. His claim in defamation (for the slur that he was drunk) was dismissed by Judge Judith Gibson of the District Court.

Now Mr Sleeman’s complaint about age discrimination has been dismissed by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal: Sleeman v Tulloch Pty Ltd (t/a Palms on Oxford) [2013] NSWADT 235.

3 Responses to “Bounced again”

  1. Bounced! | Stumbling on melons Says:

    […] Bounced Again! for the fate of Mr Sleeman’s age-discrimination […]

  2. Victor Says:

    By coincidence I happen to know the Plaintiff; not closely but we both had a relative resident in the same facility and sometimes chatted when our visits coincided.

    I was interested to note the establishment that was the subject of his complaint particularly as I referred to him in what now seems may have been a perceptive blog posting way back on 21 April 2008;

    • marcellous Says:

      It’s a small world, isn’t it Victor? I don’t think there is any secret here now given that he first took his complaint to the gay press. This does explain the claim that he said to the bouncer “do you know who I am?” and also his indignation and concern to vindicate himself, first as plaintiff in the District Court and then as applicant in the Tribunal.

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