Fires have surrounded Sydney.  Last Thursday was probably the most dramatic day for smoke and eerie light.

At Ashfield station, this flame tree is past its prime but seems appropriate:


In the city, the white westward-facing buildings gleamed against the jaundiced sky:


Upstairs (not that I have ever take the stairs up) you could see the smoke heading out to sea:


Meanwhile (OK: it was a later day of less extreme conditions):


3 Responses to “Apocalypse”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Such scenes do make you think apocalyptic thoughts.

    Nice to see the jacarandas flowering. Ours haven’t begun yet.

    • marcellous Says:

      I was a bit worried about my spelling of “jacarandah” in my previous post – that’s the power of “verandah,” I suppose. Spurred by your comment, I have gone back and corrected it.

      If the jacarandas aren’t out in Melbourne yet, what is the proverbial tree which, if in bloom, indicates that if you haven’t started studying, it is too late?

      In Sydney or at least at Sydney [dated reference here to what a snobbish school master once referred to on an exeat he issued in my favour as “the university”] it is the Js. In Canberra it was the “fluff” trees – Populous alba – at ANU, at least, where they are a feature.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Melbourne being of a somewhat more intellectual bent, it is probably daffodils blooming. Any spell checker I have come across will not allow the correct spelling of verandah.

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