He’s got a nerve

Like many in Australia, I have been keeping up with the progress of the Rinehart litigation. From time to time I have updated my own modest effort here.

The trial has now commenced, though not without a few last minute twists and turns. The latest, today, is that John Hancock has withdrawn his application to replace his mother as Trustee and puts forward his co-plaintiff sister, Bianca. Richard McHugh, for Ginia (firmly in Gina’s camp: Gina’s side gets to have far more lawyers than the plaintiffs), who opposes this, says that the defendants have been “blindsided” by this. The obvious surmise: an enormous dirt file has been built up to throw at John, but that hasn’t been done for Bianca because she was not, since April at least, applying to be trustee.

I particularly liked the last three paragraphs of latest report from the ABC:

The case against her [Gina Rinehart] was first lodged in September 2011 when the trust was due to vest.


Over the past two years Mrs Rinehart has lost several court cases to try to have the dispute kept out of open court.

When her lawyer Bruce McClintock last week announced she was willing be discharged as trustee he noted that a lot of her time has been taken up with “unnecessary litigation.”

The civil trial in Sydney continues.

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