This way to the shadow agglomeration pond


More from my trip behind the great firewall. The Chinese are big on these.


Apparently there is a spot (this is the Chongsheng temple near Dali, Yunnan Province) where the points of the three pagodas can come together. I couldn’t even manage to get a proper picture of all three: it is hard to find a good spot.


The fruit on the left were new to me:


This plant seemed vaguely familiar:



though a tea brewed from it (in the spirit of science: we had to try) yielded no discernible result.

One day somebody who can start to sell drinking yoghurt in Australia in the Chinese style should surely make a fortune. This is the more expensive (of two brands) widely available in this part of Yunnan:


That’s yak milk yoghurt.

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2 Responses to “This way to the shadow agglomeration pond”

  1. wanderer Says:

    Maybe it needs to be done in reverse – have some yak milk yoghurt, partake of vaguely familiar plant, eat unknown fruit – then all points come together really easily, reflected or not.

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