There is an election coming. Newspapers editorialise so why shouldn’t I?

I shall vote for the Greens. Ultimately I shall give my preferences to the Labor Party. In my experience, even the worst Labor government has not been worse than the Liberal government which has replaced it, even after some Augean purging is taken in its credit. Where I disagree with the present Labor federal government, the Liberals are only worse – education funding, refugees/asylum seekers, newstart allowance and single parents, the environment, civil liberties and the security/surveillance state – I could add more to this list.

In relation to refugees it seems only the courts will constrain the majority consensus that this problem is such a threat to our society that we should sacrifice all our values in order to choose the refugees we want (a paradox, surely) and seek to deter the remainder by elaborate and expensive cruelties.

Kevin Rudd is almost certainly a total shit but I was at university with Tony Abbott and know what he has been like from his youth – I loathe him and he hasn’t changed his spots since then. He is just wrong and a bully and thug from way back even if he is sincere about it. Scott Morrison is a disgrace. Don’t get me started on Julie (‘death stare’) Bishop, Eric Abetz, or a host of others who appear soon to be destined to run our country.

There are people in politics, even on the conservative side, whom I have known, at least in their youth (I was a university debater) whom I can respect and admire but they mostly operate (on both sides) within a world view which I often doubt really represents their personal views as opposed to what they accept as the reality of publicly formed and expressed opinion in the land where Murdoch controls 70% of the print press and commercial broadcasting is no better and sometimes worse.

The election outcome in the lower house, we are told, is a foregone conclusion. I’m pinning my hopes on the Senate to hold things in check, though I’m not overly confident of this, as the Greens’ support appears to have peaked and the tide of public opinion appears to have turned so rabidly and (in the case of the carbon tax and cost of living complaints) misguidedly.

It’s all depressing. It is only a mild comfort that even in the worst of times, life will go on, even while irreparable damage is done and opportunities for a better way are missed.

Oh yes, and along with the Liberals running the country for at least the next three years, Lyndon Terracini will be running Opera Australia and boastfully trashing its repertoire and ensembles.

I suppose I should try to keep it all in proportion.

5 Responses to “Election”

  1. cartoonmick Says:

    With the election in 3 days time, I’m 50:50 whether to NOT vote for Abbott, or NOT vote for Rudd.

    Australia’s future is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    The election will solve very little, but it will sharpen our enthusiasm for a nice cold beer.




  2. A critical crossroads coming up! | Neil's Commonplace Book Says:

    […] Marcellous on the election – a must read, though he has nothing to say about the chances of the Rabbitohs on Friday night. […]

  3. Oblivious Troll (@Oblivious_troll) Says:

    I would not be so sanguine about the courts, The Liberals seem to have no compunction about robing partisan legal second raters when it suits them.

    I dare say we can take some comfort from the fact that only three of the current bunch on the HCA are Howard appointees two of whom will retire in the next 3 years.

  4. m Says:

    lord… she really DOES have a death stare.

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