From a recent story in the SMH about Brad Pitt:

Jolie’s recent revelation that she had a preventative double mastectomy has brought the couple even closer. “We knew this was the right thing to do for our family and that it would bring us closer. And it has,” Jolie said.

3 Responses to “Literally?”

  1. wanderer Says:

    It’s a pretty safe bet that she has had bilateral reconstructions + / – prostheses. So that’s a no.

    • marcellous Says:


      That thought occurred to me and I began to type a forestalling/deflating note. Then I thought (ha!) isn’t that just a bit intrusive of me to speculate about that?

  2. Yvonne Frindle (@frindley) Says:

    No need to speculate, it was in her original NY Times piece:
    “Nine weeks later, the final surgery is completed with the reconstruction of the breasts with an implant. There have been many advances in this procedure in the last few years, and the results can be beautiful.”

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