New SSO co-concertmaster

News is recently out (here, currently in the news section, and here, pdf) that the SSO has appointed Andrew Haveron as co-concertmaster. He was here last May, and will start this May.

Haveron became joint concert-master of the Philharmonia Orchestra in London in 2012.  Obviously, he was out here trying out or testing the water pretty soon after that.

The news hasn’t exactly hit the broadsheets here but its announcement by Norman Lebrecht has led to an illuminating (or not) comment thread of speculation, ranging from  “Why did he?” (which given the early move from his previous position, seems a fair enough question to me, even if it is unlikely to be answered) to “How could he?”

On the SSO announcement one is invited to watch footage of Andrew performing with the Arensky Chamber Orchestra (rather than, say, the Philharmonia).

It might have been more fun if they had linked to here, albeit that it lacks any vision of Mr Haveron himself.

So when can we expect the vacant second principal cello position to be filled?

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