a bunker, a castle and a sculpture rolled into one, yet filled with light

That’s the Australian Architectural Association’s round-up on the Kuringgai campus of the University of Technology, Sydney, previously the Kuringgai CAE and before that the relocated (from Darlinghurst but itself previously relocated from Balmain) William Balmain Teachers College. OK, I know: it’s hard to see all that from the picture (taken from them) inserted above.

I learnt today (comically, that is because I am an alumnus of the totally-unloved-at-least-by-me but then affiliated-with-the-UTS College of Law) that teaching is to stop at this campus at the end of 2015. UTS has had the surrounding land rezoned “residential” and sold it to Defence Housing Australia.

Here is a picture from the advertisement prior to that sale:

UTS says that:

We are currently assessing our options, which include the possible future location of administrative or research activities at the site. We are also in discussions with the NSW Government regarding its interest in the site.

It’s hard to imagine what use anyone will really find for it. As with the Darling Harbour Convention Centre, now facing the chop, or the old Sydney University Law School building, it feels odd for public buildings new in my lifetime to have obsolete, even though the campus, at the bottom of West Lindfield, has always struck me as being chronically inconvenient.

2 Responses to “a bunker, a castle and a sculpture rolled into one, yet filled with light”

  1. Alotta Fagina Says:

    your stumbling on melons header image is underexposed,
    poor image.

    • marcellous Says:

      I am so sorry, Alotta. The light conditions were at the limit of my camera’s capacities. I took more than one exposure but I chose this because it matched as best I could then remember and in the most interesting way the colour and light combinations when I took the picture. The full picture is here. The red on the buildings is the reflection of the very last rays of the setting sun.

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