Tonight I am going to the second of two programs by the SSO conducted by David Zinman.

For both these programs the SSO has a guest concertmaster, Andrew Haveron.

Another guest musician, Teije Hylkema, is playing principal cello.

In the SSO just now there seems to be a vacancy for both a second concertmaster and a second principal cello after not-particularly-explained disappearances from those positions, and I imagine Haveron’s and Hylkema’s presence may be something to do with steps being taken in relation to that.  The saga of the cello position has been going on for a while – I’m pretty sure there were auditions advertised in Europe when the orchestra went there in 2010.

For what it’s worth, I thought the violins sounded pretty good under Haveron’s leadership.  Possibly it helped that Dene Olding, the regular concertmaster, was also playing up the back.  At the last concert, as far as I can recall, Hylkema didn’t get to sit in the very first desk for the celli, but maybe that will come tonight.

Scouting around to find out a bit more about both, I came across this duet recorded just now in Sydney by the pair of them and uploaded to youtube by Mr Hylkema.  It’s good to see that they are not just hanging around in their serviced apartments getting bored.

2 Responses to “Stalking”

  1. Yvonne Frindle (@frindley) Says:

    I want a helicopter like that!

  2. New SSO co-concertmaster « Stumbling on melons Says:

    […] section, and here, pdf) that the SSO has appointed Andrew Haveron as co-concertmaster. He was here last May, and will start this […]

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