Terracini, the man of the future

Last night with D to OA’s Così fan tutte.  Jim Sharman has done a rethink but along the way I think the production has lost its nerve. More on that anon if I can manage it.

As we left, the much touted Schwarwhaterver-it-is crystal chandelier could be seen in action above the floating stage on the other side of Farm Cove for what I presume was a technical rehearsal for the Traviata-on-the-‘arbour.

We’ve been treated to a barrage of publicity as the opening night approaches.  In the latest  SMH story : is the following gem:

At an early news conference, one elderly critic complained that part of the joy of going to an opera was seeing the orchestra at work. Terracini gave him short shrift, saying it was an outdated view.

So helpful for the spin that the critic was “elderly.”


5 Responses to “Terracini, the man of the future”

  1. wanderer Says:

    Having been on the receiving end of one his short shrifts, unreasonable in the circumstance (one of benevolence towards the company) and betraying fragility no doubt, I came to understand ‘withering’ for the first time. The lack of grace is what worries me most about one who has guardianship of a major art form.

    On a brighter note, are you going to the Prokofiev 3 and/or recital by keyboard wonder boy?

  2. marcellous Says:

    To both. (The former on Fri.)

  3. Dharmabray Says:

    Karaoke opera is but a step away…. oh wait, it’s called Die Tote Stadt.

    • marcellous Says:

      You got it.

      That orchestra, it’s so old hat.

      I suppose to be fair it should be allowed that actually seeing the orchestra in the SOH Opera Theatre pit is an elusive treat, and the orchestra in Die Tote Stadt will still be playing (albeit elsewhere) on the night.

      I did hear though that after a round of recent auditions and acceptance in a process which would once have led to a permanent position with the AOBO (OA’s orchestra, run by a wholly-owned subsidiary) a violinist was told she would only be offered a five-year contract.

  4. Victor Says:

    I wonder what constitutes ‘elderly’ for the author of that item? 50? 60? 90?

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