Griselda 2

Pinchgut’s season of Griselda has finished.

I went to the last night. The house was almost full and the audience enthusiastic.

I’m glad I went again. The stagecraft had improved – understandable given the extremely short rehearsal period (I read somewhere 9 days) and the relative inexperience of some of the singers. One tell-tale sign of this is often what they do with their hands. By the last night, that had settled – favourably.

On a second sitting I also found myself more prepared to take the interpretation offered on its own terms.

I make it a rule if I plan to go a second time to have a better seat second time around. Even in Angel Place, that probably also helped.

In between I listened to the broadcast on ABC “Classic” FM.

For the next few weeks you can listen to that broadcast by internet streaming.

I rather liked it in the early days of Pinchgut when next year’s production would be revealed on the final night of the season. It was part of the sport. In the meantime, the hackneyed “eager anticipation” is the only phrase I can summon to mind. {See comment below.]

Next year’s production is Les Indes galantes. I think that is a good choice, musically. I’m not sure how Pinchgut’s budget will run to the -ballet elements. Antony Walker will conduct.

Update April 2012

Next year’s (actually by now this year’s) production will now be Castor et Pollux.  That is an even better choice, since we’ve all heard Les I g before, even if (in my case) only in concert performance and recordings.

3 Responses to “Griselda 2”

  1. ken nielsen Says:

    Next year’s production was in the programme booklet – it’s Rameau’s Les Indies Gallantes.
    Antony Walker will conduct but the principals have not been announced yet.There will be more publicity some time in January.

    • marcellous Says:

      Ken, thanks for the tip.

      That reveals of course that I am too stingy to buy a program. Well, stingy can’t quite be it, because I will buy an [overpriced] drink at interval and would buy a sandwich if Angel Place ever had any sandwiches left. Maybe the problem is that if I bought a program, I’d never be able to throw it away, and they do mount up – even the free ones.

      OK, I confess, meanness for money does come into it, even if irrationally so. Tonight I went to see Richard III – a ticket so expensive I blush to say the price. But I still parked at the $12 carpark near the Novotel/Ibis rather than under the fucking casino [sorry, but I hate casinos] and fumbled for money rather than pay an extra 12 cents credit card surcharge.

  2. ken nielsen Says:

    I understand, M.
    You don’t miss much in the soldout sandwiches.
    My dislike of casinos is such that I will not set foot in one. But that’s purely personal. I’m happy for others to pay voluntary taxes by gambling.
    If you send me your email I’ll see if I can dig up some of the programme content. If you are interested, that is.

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