Occupy Sydney

Over the weekend there have been more police shenanigans as the police have moved to shut down attempted resurgence of the Occupy Sydney project.

There is a piece in today’s SMH which trenchantly shows how police conduct is part of a more general high-handedness of police when it comes to control of the streets.

Of course, the Daily Telegraph has taken a more strident anti-protester view which is at one with its general adherence to conservative popularism.

I didn’t go to the demonstration on Saturday – more shame me. My guess is that not all those who went were adherents of the Occupy movement’s rather vague and generalized goals, but were concerned at the rigour and zeal with which the occupiers have been moved on by the police.

I don’t really buy that the individual police involved are merely obeying orders. Of course, the man who gave the order (whoever that man really is) has a special responsibility, but tactical response and riot control police are generally self-selected – they have to want to be the strong arm of the state against its citizens to be where they are.

It’s a well-paid gig – the overtime or time off in lieu (when you can go and do your second job as a private security guard or whatever) will be generous. At a price of a bit of boredom it can’t be that hard to stand around, armed and looking menacingly at a bunch of people sitting on the ground.

As far as I am concerned, these police are wasting their time, wasting our money and abusing our rights.

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