Life at the bar

I have just finished a quite short and sharp trial against a much more seasoned opponent.

There were changes of fortune. There was a low point. There was a turning point. Whether it turned sufficiently is yet to be determined.

“It’s like the battle of Phillippi,” my client remarked – with commendable cheer.

There had been a lot of early mornings. I had an early night when it ended, considerably earlier than it was set down to end.

I’m quite in the mood to see Lang Lang Wednesday night and Friday, in recital (though I’d prefer a smaller venue) and in one of his concerto appearances respectively. There was a risk the trial would still be running,, so I’m pleased it’s not.

I’ve been playing Schubert short pieces and sonatas. It’s striking how many of them feel like pianized string quartets. There are dabs of keyboard grandeur which at least in my own inexpert hands pose temptations and risks of lapses of taste. I cosseted or consoled myself through the final horrible pre-trial weekend by listening to a large quantity of Radu Lupu recordings, newly bought for just that purpose early on the Saturday.

2 Responses to “Life at the bar”

  1. wanderer Says:

    Enjoy Lang Lang – sounds like you deserve it. How long till a determination?

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