Sudden realisation of tragiC situation of Mendelssohn

Who can this person be?

1 January 1869, somewhere in striking distane of Lucerne, turned 31 the previous Christmas, has dedicated self to share burdens of life with a Friend, addresses two children abandoned for that Friend’s sake…

Yes, it is

[If you look Closely, that Copy has an intrigueing provenanCe – I bought it as a disCard from the Con library [sorry about the paste around a reCalCitrant “C” key, inCidentally]].

But back to our diarist’s New Year’s Day [for a more legible pdf version click here]:

It’s the point about half way down the 2nd page where things start to get a little bit spooky as the inner demon is demonized.

Making a fair copy of the second act of Siegfried and completing his essay on the Jews, indeed.

One Response to “Sudden realisation of tragiC situation of Mendelssohn”

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