Birthday tribute to Georges de la Tour

Not his, silly – mine!

I had a birthday recently. D procured this.

(Alternative title: [self-]”portrait” with cake)

It cheered me up.

4 Responses to “Birthday tribute to Georges de la Tour”

  1. wanderer Says:

    A Taurus then. Happy Birthday (oxymoronic to some). Cheer up sad world he said and winked, it’s rather fun to …

  2. M-H Says:

    Happy Birthday, Marcellous! You’re looking fine for your age. :)

  3. Victor Says:

    Many happy returns!

  4. marcellous Says:

    Thanks all. Honestly, I wasn’t trawling for birthday greetings, though of course it is nice to receive them. That’s the point about these little rituals.

    And I was pleased with the picture.

    As to ritual on a bigger scale, for example, last week at Westminster Abbey, I can’t resist popping in a quote from Walter Bagehot on the role of the monarchy as the head of the “dignified part” of the English Constitution:

    The use of the Queen, in a dignified capacity, is incalculable. Without her in England, the present English Government would fail and pass away. Most people when they read that the Queen walked on the slopes at Windsor–that the Prince of Wales went to the Derby– have imagined that too much thought and prominence were given to little things. But they have been in error; and it is nice to trace how the actions of a retired widow and an unemployed youth become of such importance.

    He goes on to deal specifically with the attraction of royal weddings in a passage which retains considerable currency:

    A FAMILY on the throne is an interesting idea also. It brings down the pride of sovereignty to the level of petty life. No feeling could seem more childish than the enthusiasm of the English at the marriage of the Prince of Wales. They treated as a great political event, what, looked at as a matter of pure business, was very small indeed. But no feeling could be more like common human nature as it is, and as it is likely to be. The women–one half the human race at least–care fifty times more for a marriage than a ministry. All but a few cynics like to see a pretty novel touching for a moment the dry scenes of the grave world. A princely marriage is the brilliant edition of a universal fact, and, as such, it rivets mankind.

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