Mrs Carey’s Concert

By the oddest of chances, I have come across some publicity for this film, which premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival earlier this year and which apparently opens in Palace cinemas in Sydney at least this Thursday 28th.

It’s by Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond. I’ve seen most of the films made by Connolly and his then wife, Robin Anderson, (she died in 2002) pretty much when they came out, in the cinema even, except perhaps for “Rats in the Ranks” which shot to small screen fame and passed me by on the big one. I was almost in “Facing the Music” in that I was around Sydney Uni music department (as it then was) for some test shooting the year before they started filming in earnest. I didn’t make the cut, but I knew pretty well all of the people “portrayed” (by themselves through the filmmakers’ eye) in the film about the course of the next year or so.

Mrs Carey’s concert focuses on the 18 months it takes Karen Carey, director of music at MLC School, Burwood, to put together the big biennial concert which the school music department puts on at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. It’s clear there will be human drama a-plenty, but ultimately a heartwarming finale and with any luck no-one will have been too seriously injured in the making or displaying of it etc.

It deals with a world I know quite well as well as some people I either know or know of, so the film will have a particular interest for me. I’m also keen to see how Mr Connolly manages to keep the heartwarm factor within the bounds of good taste.

Mrs Carey has been director of music at MLC for over 20 years. She’s definitely made a mark there and by all reports a good mark. Some of the publicity I saw described MLC as an elite school, I think one went so far as to say “extremely elite.” Certainly, that music department is pretty elite (or at least it scrubs up very well on the few clips I have seen/heard). I doubt if any state school [possible exception, a music specialist school] in Australia can run a music department at the standard of MLC Burwood’s. I think that’s what the commentators were grappling with, at least in passing. (State Schools do have some better better inter-school musical things going on than individual private schools.)

At one point in the film, Mrs Carey is discussing a girl who has in some way fallen from or seems at risk of falling from grace. “She’s not a bad person,” Mrs Carey says. “No one who plays [instrument redacted so as to not spoil plot] so well can really be a bad person.” – I feel a bit the same about socially elite [ie, private] schools which have really good music departments.

2 Responses to “Mrs Carey’s Concert”

  1. Grant Says:

    Happy Easter, Marcellous!

    Wow. Will the movie be screened on major theatres such as Hoyts or Village Cinemas?

    Btw, Check out my blog to see my Top 5 Gayest Rabbit Characters.

    Happy Easter Holiday!

  2. marcellous Says:


    If Palace have it, then unless it breaks through to a higher level, probably not.

    Liked your bunny page.

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