Light relief

It hardly seems eight years since D and I marched against the Iraq war (as did many others, in vain).

D had one of those t-shirts showing Bush and Howard in a doggy embrace.

This came back to mind with Cathy Wilcox’s recent cartoon, commemorating Julia G’s Washington sojourn.  I have shamelessly scanned it (for fair comment purposes only, of course) from the Sunday paper which I was given leaving the SSO concert on Saturday night. D and I both laughed a long time at it.

I didn ‘t follow the exact text of JG’s utterances in Washington; I didn’t need to – the general gist was depressing enough. I did like the following references in the cartoon :

  1. the nose;
  2. the ear (as code for the hair) – these are the primary insignia for recognition of JG.
  3. the football (this refers to the oval office antics, with a bit of a play on the dog aspect).

There is one other recognisable feature in the caricature which I scarcely dare mention.  It’s politically irrelevant but anthropomorphically brilliantly realised.  Does anybody else see what I see?

2 Responses to “Light relief”

  1. M-H Says:

    Is it the well-padded rear?

    • marcellous Says:

      I hardly dare say, M-H. I like how it coincides with the dog’s position as one about to bound after a ball.

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