For a few years now, I’ve been resigning myself to the death of my turntable and the loss of my LP collection. I had the turntable cleaned and reconditioned, but if anything it sounded worse when I hooked it back up.

D has rearranged the living room and along the way the turntable has been brought closer to the amp and a dodgy extension to the output lead has been eliminated. All of a sudden the turntable is OK – not brilliant, but OK. How silly of me not to check that before! Such a shame that I threw out most of my Telefunken Bach Cantatas. They were second-hand when I got them and very scratched, but it is possible that they were not in as bad knick as I thought they were.

Never mind, there is still plenty to listen to, including this, bought in 1984 from Ashwoods:

Margaret Price died earlier this year and it was news of her death which prompted me to search the record out and try the turntable.

It’s good to hear her again, even if there is a point where the needle needs to be lifted over a back-tracking scratch.

I should add a note of admiration and gratitude also for the playing of James Lockhart, with whom, early in her career, Margaret Price had a “close personal and professional relationship that lasted for more than a dozen years.”

2 Responses to “Reprise”

  1. Victor Says:

    What an unusual clock!

  2. marcellous Says:

    Victor, you are so observant!

    D mounted a standard battery clock mechanism plus the hands from some earlier clock on the dismembered front (or back) of a piece of found computer junk which I have now established is a Seagate 3.2GB hard disk drive, circa (I think) about 1998 so far as its initial release is concerned.

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