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Estivation 3

February 22, 2011

Summer has been over for a while, at least in terms of school holidays, which have a resonance even for the childless. Today as the true Mardi Gras could be taken to mark the beginning of spring [Lent] and hence in our happy or otherwise antipodes, the end of Summer.

Blogging has been right down, as has become my custom at this time of year. What have I been up to?

It doesn’t feel like much. Concerts and opera stopped; sport took over the front pages; D and I confronted the Christmas hiatus without cigarettes. That resolution, at least, has held for the time being. I went to Melbourne for some professional development, though I remain ambivalent about whether it was worth the time, money and trouble.

The year has started again. I’ve been to court – a few times, by now. I’ve been to the opera thrice and the symphony once. As for summer, I got to the beach relatively (to previous years) few times – the wet January in Sydney contributed to that. I took a road trip with my sister and nephew from WA to Canberra and the Snowy Mountains – retracing old tracks. This was probably the last summery moment. I’ve been to a few sessions of the Mardi Gras Film Festival. I vented my spleen (1, 2) against Christopher Pearson in a comments thread in a way which caused the thread to be closed down. I am receiving threatening letters from the tax office about lodging my tax return – something I had (of course!) intended to attend to over the Christmas break. I appeared at an examination by a criminal investigation authority which is simply the star chamber updated. This was a truly unpleasant experience which showed to me why such bodies are abhorrent to all principles which any lawyer should hold dear: the bullying hand of the state is an ugly thing to behold, but difficult to discuss since one is prohibited from disclosing anything that goes on there. The solicitor assisting that body ranks in my top five of unpleasant practitioners I have ever experienced.


Life goes on.