Annandale charm

These caught our eye on a late afternoon stroll through North Annandale. I especially like the little caps coming away.

Here some other shots giving a little more context, but perhaps detracting from the drama a little:

A little more detail (and I’m sorry if like my version of this page, your version makes this the biggest picture of all simply by reason of its orientation) of that portico:

We had earlier wandered down the hill to a spot presently very photographically in the mode but soon to be part of the redevelopment of the Harold Park site, in which case you can be sure that it will lose most of its charm, and not necessarily become any more accessible than we adventitiously found it today:

4 Responses to “Annandale charm”

  1. wanderer Says:

    M, fantastic top photo, dramatic indeed and very daring colours.

    Those cute little caps are opercula (operculum = little lid) and the red eucalyptus flowers probably means it is a west coast gum hybridised onto a east coast root system. And planted next to that Grevillea suggests the growers are native plant lovers. I know how they feel, except I have to admit to a frangipani (stunning of course) in my front yard.

    • marcellous Says:

      Thanks, W. Inspired, of course, by your purple floozies, which I have taken as a screensaver on the home computer. A mysterious inability for the past month or so to surmount any word-verification obstacles to commenting has prevented me expressing my admiration more directly.

      I was going to call those operculish things cardinals’ caps, except that somehow they seemed more preputial, or at least the lady’s rather than the gentleman’s kind of cap, in the general scheme of things (ie, as we used to say in junior high-school Science, “reproduction in plants”).

  2. Victor Says:

    Are they old trams in the last photo? Where is that photo taken?

    • marcellous Says:

      I’m glad you noticed. It’s the Rozelle Tram Depot, next to the Harold Park Paceway, and yes they are trams (according to that link, these were well preserved up till about 10 years ago), though there seemed to be at least one bus as well.

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