I have been getting a shop to digitalise some of my father’s slides. It seems an unnecessarily expensive process, and I will probably shop around before I get any more done. These are some of the first fruits of this project.

Once when I was aged 10 or 11 (I guess) my father and I walked to a spot on an old water-board sewerage mains road behind West Pymble where we camped overnight before walking out the next morning.

We slept, I think, on a ground sheet just under a tent-fly. Here is another picture – I myself am oddly out of focus, I suspect because my father’s botanical photographic interests technically prevailed in the choice of objects for determing final sharpness of focus.

Here we are, posing rather self-consciously on our return:

The expedition may have been devised as a way of “road-testing” carry-camping. If so, the idea must have failed the test, as I don’t recall our ever again carrying our kit to go camping. I now wonder if it was also hoped that by means of appropriate patri-filial bonding the pictured tendency to stand with my hands on my hip be at least moderated. If so, the specific tendency has been suppressed, but not the deeper underlying tendencies of which it might have been feared to be an outward and visible sign.

5 Responses to “Nostalgia”

  1. Victor Says:

    I was going to comment that the middle photo foretold the shape of things to come but (having now done so) the fact is we all have photographs from our past that we look back on with ambivalence.

  2. marcellous Says:

    I’m not ambivalent about the hand-on-hip (would love to enable my girly side) but maybe my parents were.

  3. ken n Says:

    Did they ever say so M? Parents are often more understanding an accepting than kids think they are.

    • marcellous Says:

      No they didn’t, Ken, and it didn’t occur to me then – it’s more a question of hindsight on my part, now. I think I was allowed to be girly probably in the expectation that some of that would pass or should be allowed to run its course. The hindsight is that I think there were fitful attempts to give me the chance to take another path.

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